ITEM MAKINA has been manufacturing machinery and spare parts for poultry slaughterhouses and food processing facilities in Bandirma since 1976. PLASTAGRI company was established for the production and processing of plastic spare parts. Under the umbrella of PLASTAGRI, the production of agricultural elevator buckets began in response to the demands arising in the agricultural and livestock sectors. In particular, PLASTAGRI specializes in the production of plastic elevator buckets and provides technical support, as well as domestic and international marketing networks, to animal feed production facilities, flour mills, legume processing plants, oil refineries, and similar facilities. PLASTAGRI manufactures elevator buckets and connecting equipment according to international standards, incorporating customer requirements and implementing necessary improvements in product structure. The company aims to be a leading manufacturer that offers elevator buckets and other plastic spare parts and connecting equipment of the highest quality, ensuring optimum performance. As PLASTAGRI, our permanent goal is to produce elevator buckets and connecting equipment based on the principle of 'SOLUTION & SUSTAINABILITY'